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Buy homeopathic first aid creams on our internet store. Here is a short summary of each of the creams we sell. ¬†Go directly to the products page¬†to skip the summary,¬†or click on the name of each remedy to see all product variations. ¬†For more information on the homeopathic first aid remedies, please click the link “Learn about Homeopathic Creams.”

ARNICA MONTANA CREAM–¬†Arnica helps with shock and trauma. It is a great remedy for head injuries and bruises, Arnica is great for ankle sprains, and sprains of other joints, Arnica is good for back and hip joint injuries. Arnica cream can be used for sore muscles from overexertion. Arnica should never be used topically on open wounds.

CALENDULA OFFICINALIS CREAM РCalendula is the principal remedy in homeopathy for wound healing. Calendula is the perfect topical application to put on open cuts. No germs can thrive in the presence of Calendula. It can draw out deeply embedded dirt. Calendula cream is wonderful for minor cuts, scrapes and falls. Calendula cream prevents too early granulation of the wound, thus assisting in scarless healing. Calendula cream helps with painful wounds and wounds that tend to break open. Calendula cream is good for the diaper rashes of babies. Calendula cream can soothe the dry skin of eczema and psoriasis.

HYPERICUM CALENDULA CREAM–¬†Hypericum Calendula Cream is sold in 1.5 oz. amber glass jars. This cream combines Hypericum perforatum with Calendula officinalis to create a beautiful cream for wound healing and painful wounds. Please see the slide shows on both creams to learn about this combination cream.

HYPERICUM PERFORATUM CREAM¬†–¬†Hypericum should be thought of for injuries to areas rich in nerves, such as the fingers and toes and the spine. It is a specific for injuries to the sacrum or coccyx. A characteristic of injuries needing Hypericum is that the pain radiates up and down from the site of the injury. Like Arnica, Hypericum is an important remedy for head injuries. Hypericum is good for wounds that are very painful. I sell a cream that combines Hypericum and Calendula for wound healing. Hypericum is good for insect and animal bites where you have shooting pains along the course of the nerve from the site of the bite. Hypericum can help with excessively painful hemorrhoids. It can also help with painful boils, abscesses and cysts.

LEDUM PALUSTRE CREAM РThe genius of Ledum lies in its effects on puncture wounds, animal and insect bites, and in certain rheumatic or arthritic conditions, and for the pain of gout. When Ledum is needed the painful part feels better with ice cold applications. If the person has stiff joints, they will loosen up with cold applications. Another striking characteristic of Ledum is that in rheumatic or arthritic conditions the pain begins in the extremities and extends upward. The pain is also much more severe in the lower limbs. In painful wounds the pain originates at the sight of the wound and ascends. Ledum can also help with painful abscesses that are better with cold applications. Please watch the slide show on the website to learn about conditions that Ledum can help with.

RUTA GRAVEOLENS CREAM¬†–¬†Ruta¬†is the well-known homeopathic remedy for injuries to ligaments, tendons and the periosteum or the lining of the bones. It is a great remedy for overexertion or overuse injuries, such as tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome, and for eyestrain. Ruta helps accelerate the healing from fractures or bruising of the bone. Ruta can help with muscle pulls and strains, and with injuries where the parts are twisted. Ruta is great for injuries to the thighs, and for knee and ankle injuries where the ligaments or tendons are pulled or torn. Ruta can help with back pain from overuse injuries, herniated disks, overlifting injuries and weakness and lameness of the back. Ruta helps with eyestrain, headaches or visual disturbances from overusing the eyes; nodules on the bones or tendons from injuries, ganglion cysts, pain from dental work and adjusting braces, pain in the feet. Ruta has many symptoms pertaining to the rectum, including rectal prolapse. This is a remedy with many areas of usefulness. No home should be without it.

URTICA URENS CREAM¬†–¬†Urtica urens is the principle remedy in homeopathy for first degree burns. For more serious burns Urtica urens should be used alongside remedies such as Cantharis and Arsenicum album. Urtica Urens Cream and Calendula Officinalis Cream can both help with sunburn. It can also help with old burns that have not healed well. Urtica urens can help reduce the swelling of bee and wasp bites (compare with Apis mellifica and Ledum palustre). Urtica urens also has a reputation for helping women with lactation. Please view the slide show to see other conditions Urtica urens can help with.

VARIETY SAMPLER PACK РThis is one of each of the homeopathic first aid creams that we sell in the store. It is a little cheaper than buying each cream individually.



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Showing 1–12 of 48 results