Homeopathic Creams for Bruises

We sell homeopathic creams for bruises on our site. The best known remedy in homeopathy for bruises or a bruised sensation is Arnica montana, but there are 993 other remedies listed for bruising and bruised sensations on my computer repertory, and all the first aid creams I sell on this site are listed under this. Arnica montana, however, is the remedy that has earned the biggest reputation for bruises.

Arnica montana: Characteristic of Arnica montana is a bruised feeling all over the body. The texts say, “Feels bruised all over as if suffering from multiple blows or knocks. Moreover the bruised sensation is accompanied by great exhaustion and weariness.” Arnica can help with this bruised feeling, whether it is a constitutional symptom, or due to a fall, injury, operation or concussion. It is useful for injuries to soft parts. Here it should be compared with Bellis perennis. Arnica can help with bruising following surgery. It helps with the effects of shock and trauma, to control hemorrhaging, and prevent infection. Arnica should never be applied topically on open wounds.

Calendula is great for general wound healing, and can be applied to open wounds, whereas Arnica cannot.

Hypericum is particularly good for injuries and bruises to areas rich in nerves, such as the fingers and toes.

Ruta is primarily for bruising to the bones and periosteum.

Ledum is very good for blows and bruises to the eyes, or black eye.

Note: Another wonderful first aid remedy that I do not sell is Bellis perennis, which is excellent for injuries to the soft tissue, such as the breasts and abdomen. Here is a link to an article I wrote about Bellis perennis.

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***note***   This information is incomplete and not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.  Please refer to a homeopathic materia medica or homeopathic repertory for a more complete list of remedies for any given symptom.  Please see your homeopath or doctor for assistance if your symptoms persist.