First Aid Creams For Families with Children

The creams we make are helpful for so many different situations and for people of all ages. Here is a list of uses of these first aid creams for families with children:


First Aid Creams For Families with children:


Arnica: Think of Arnica for whenever the swing bumps your child in the head, or your child accidentally rolls off the bed and hits her head on the floor. How about the sprained ankle? The bruise from knocking into the corner of a table?


Calendula Officinalis Cream: This is a cream I cannot imagine any family living without. Calendula comes in handy for your baby’s diaper rash. Think of this cream for the child who is just learning to walk and constantly falling on his knees. Calendula helps with cuts and scrapes at any age. It helps prevent the wound from getting infected and promote scarless healing.


Hypericum Perforatum Cream: When the car door accidentally closes on your child’s finger, you will marvel at the miracle of this cream and how quickly it relieves pain. Something falls on your toe – how lucky you are that you keep this jar in your medicine cabinet. You trip on a toy that is lying where it should not be, and you injure your tailbone. This remedy will bring you relief. The indication that you need Hypericum is that the pain radiates or extends up and down from the sight of the injury, so if you injure your tailbone, you may feel pain in the mid-back and the neck, or perhaps down your legs.


Ledum Palustre Cream: Your child gets bitten by an insect. Too bad, but how fortunate you are that you have a jar of Ledum┬áhandy. Ledum should be thought of for puncture wounds and insect bites, especially if the person feels better from an ice pack on the wounded area. You went to the dentist and she gave you five novocaine injections in your mouth and you just want to ┬álay your face on an ice pack. Please do so, but also rub Ledum cream on your cheek, and if you have the internal remedy take that as well. Don’t forget Ledum for splinters. First soak the area with the splinter in Epson’s salts and then squeeze, the splinter may just come popping out.
Ruta Graveolones Cream: You get your kids off to school and you have a little time to do some yoga, but you notice that something is not quite right with your shoulder, or that you have a pain in the thigh from overstretching. Here is where Ruta cream will be helpful. Ruta is for injuries to ligaments, tendons and the linings of the bones. It is also a great remedy for overstrain injuries. Think of Ruta for carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, pulled knee or ankle ligaments and tendons. This is also a great remedy for eye strain from sitting too long at the computer.


Urtica Urens Cream: This cream is a must for everyone, as when you need it, you really need it, and you want it now. This is a magnificent burn cream. Don’t ever go on a camping trip without it. Make sure a jar is handy in the kitchen. It will take away the pain from a first and second degree burn within seconds. For more serious burns keep a bottle of Cantharis 30C in the house. Urtica urens is also wonderful for allergic hives


We sell seven homeopathic first aid creams for a wide range of first aid and chronic conditions. Please visit our site and check out the Creams for Common Complaints Section, watch the slide shows, and learn about the amazing properties of these wonderful healing agents.