Why We Need Homeopathic First Aid Creams

Some people may wonder why we need homeopathic first aid creams. The answers are numerous, and as you start to use the creams you will discover more and more situations where you would feel at a tremendous disadvantage if you did not have the creams.

For example, I was in Washington D.C. driving to New York to visit my father when we went into a restaurant by the side of the highway. As we were leaving the restaurant my little boy, who was five at the time, wanted to open the very heavy glass door himself. He let go of the door too fast and it hit the big toe on his right foot, tearing part of the nail off and cutting the skin. He screamed something awful, but luckily I was carrying Hypericum cream in the glove compartment of my car and I applied the cream to his foot and covered it with band-aids. A few seconds after the cream touched his foot his screaming stopped and we could continue on our journey peacefully. Without the cream, I think we would have had a much harder time, and he would have been in pain for much longer. Situations like this have taught me to appreciate these creams and keep them close at hand.

As a homeopath, I have everyone in my family and all of my clients on homeopathic remedies for their general health. These remedies help to strengthen the immune system and reverse chronic disease. They also help with the mental and emotional life of the clients. A single dose of a homeopathic constitutional remedy can hold a long time, sometimes many years. That is why I want to be careful not to interfere with a dose that is working well for the client, but these first aid situations pop up all the time unexpectedly. For example, you touch the frying pan by accident while you are cooking. Instead of having to take an internal dose of Urtica urens, Cantharis, Arsenicum album, or any of the other homeopathic remedies good for burns, you can rub a little Urtica urens on the affected part and within moments experience relief of the pain. This way you don’t risk interfering with the constitutional remedy, save yourself the expense and trauma of a visit to the emergency room, and accomplish what you need, immediate relief of your pain.