Homeopathic Creams for Back Pain

We sell homeopathic creams for back pain on our site. Remember that there are over one thousand remedies listed on my computer repertory for pain, but the homeopathic first aid creams we sell on this site can be very helpful for back pains due to injury or trauma to the back. I hope this guide will help you select the cream you need for your back pain:

Arnica montana: Arnica is listed for every manner of pain in the back. Here are some  sensations associated with the Arnica back pain: agonizing, arthritic, bruised as if broken, burning, cramping, dragging, drawing, dull, lame, neuralgic, shooting, sore, squeezing, stitching, thrusting, tearing or tormenting pains in the back. The entire back can be affected. Think of Arnica for mechanical injuries to the back.  Some of the texts describe the feeling of the pain, as “bruised as if he had been beaten, or as if after a violent fall.” Arnica can be used for back pain with the menses, during pregnancy, or while nursing. One of the guiding symptoms to Arnica is the sensation that the bed is too hard or uncomfortable. Remember Arnica is the principle remedy in homeopathy for ailments from shock. Arnica also has an aversion to and fear of being touched due to extreme sensitiveness of the body. This is a great remedy for aggravation from overexertion. In a state of shock the patient may say there is nothing the matter with him and wants to be left alone.

Hypericum perforatum: Think of Hypericum for radiating or shooting pains up the spine and down the limbs. It is a great remedy for spinal concussion or for injuries to the coccyx from a fall. Hypericum is very good for pain in the hips, and small of the back and coccyx after childbirth. Hypericum can help with pinched nerves in the back, and for a sensation of pressure over the sacrum. Many sensations are associated with the Hypericum back ache, but the guiding symptom to its use are the radiating or shooting pains from the injured area, so if the pain has extension think of Hypericum, as it follows the course of the nerve. It is a specific for injuries to the coccyx. Hypericum is known for injuries to areas rich nerves and is very good for head and spinal cord injuries, as well as for injuries to fingers and toes.

Ledum palustre: Ledum is listed for painful stiffness of the back and loins on moving and on rising from a seat. It has pain in the back like a stiffness after sitting in a seat for a long time. All areas of the back can be affected. A few guiding symptoms to using Ledum are that the patient feels chilly, but is ameliorated by cold applications; in arthritic conditions the pain begins in the extremities and extends upward. 

Rhus toxicodendron: I do not sell Rhus toxicodendron cream on this site, but in the interest of being at least partially complete with homeopathic first aid remedies, I feel I should mention it. Here are the chief features of Rhus tox: Aggravation for overexertion, like Ruta and Arnica; stiff joints; aggravation on initial movement, such as getting up from a chair after being seated for a while (Ledum also has this); amelioration from exercise and stretching; aggravation from sitting; restlessness; aggravation from cold and damp weather; and amelioration from heat. It has gripping, clutching, twisting pains and a feeling that the painful area is stuck or caught. This is a great remedy for overlifting injuries of the back.

Ruta graveolens: Some of the sensations of Ruta graveolens back pains are similar to Arnicd back pains: bruised sensation, a feeling that they had received a blow to the back or had fallen on the back or coccyx. Ruta has weakness and lameness of the back and lower extremities from overexertion, lifting or spraining the back. Ruta can help with herniated disks caused by overexertion. The remedy helps people who strain their backs easily, or where the vertebrae slip out of place easily. Like Hypericum it can have pain in the coccyx as if bruised and shooting pains. It is listed for rheumatic pains in the back that are worse before rising. It is also listed for amelioration from lying on the back. All areas of the back can be affected, and there is a wide range of pain sensations, just like Arnica.

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**note** Chelidonium majus is a remedy that does tremendous work for upper back pain, particularly back pain between the shoulder blades. It is also a tremendous remedy for neck pain, or headaches rising from the neck.  Please consult a homeopath before taking this remedy to make sure that it fits your case.

***note***   This information is incomplete and not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.  Please refer to a homeopathic materia medica or homeopathic repertory for a more complete list of remedies for any given symptom.  Please see your homeopath or doctor for assistance if any symptom persists.