Homeopathic Creams for Abscesses

We sell homeopathic creams for abscesses on our site: Arnica Montana Cream, Calendula Officinalis Cream, Hypericum Perforatum Cream, Ledum Palustre Cream and Ruta Graveolens Cream can help with abscesses. There are 454 remedies listed for absceses in my computer repertory, so as you see, we have just a few creams to offer, but they can be helpful. Please consult a health professional for help with this. Here is a summary of what these creams can do for abscesses:

Arnica montana is listed for all manner of abscesses and boils, and for the tendency to develop crops of abscesses all over the body. It also helps with abscesses that do not mature well.

Calendula officinalis is said to favor the maturing of the abscess and ultimate healing. It can help with suppurating abscesses, and for abscesses following surgical operations.

Hypericum perforatum helps with abscesses to the coccyx following injury to that area, and for abscesses to the fingers and palms of the hands. It can also help with very painful boils and abscesses, where there is no discharge of pus as a first aid cream, but constitutional treatment should follow.

Ledum perforatum helps with abscesses that are very tender and sensitive to touch, which feel better with cold applications or immersed in cold water.

Ruta graveolens is listed for abscesses in general, but also of abscesses or suppurations of the bones and periosteum, and of abscesses at the roots of the teeth.

Note: Of course Hepar sulph, Silica, and Calcarea sulphurica are the most well known remedies in homeopathy for the tendency to develop abscesses. The constitutional remedy that covers the persons overall symptoms may help the most.

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***note***   This information is incomplete and not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.  Please refer to a homeopathic materia medica or homeopathic repertory for a more complete list of remedies for any given symptom.  Please see your homeopath or doctor for assistance if symptoms persist.