Homeopathic Creams for Arthritis and Gout

We sell homeopathic creams for arthritis and gout on our site. Each of the seven creams we sell can be useful in relieving the pains of arthritis. Please remember that there are nearly seven hundred homeopathic remedies listed in my computer repertory for arthritis, so this is by no means a comprehensive list. Nonetheless these creams can be very helpful when their indications match with the symptoms of the patient. Please consult your doctor or seek homeopathic constitutional treatment for this condition.  Here is a brief description of what the first aid creams we carry on our site can do for arthritis:

Arnica montana is listed for arthritic pains in the toe joints; and arthritic pains in the feet that are worse in the evening; gout, arthritic pains in the back and limbs. Pain as from bruises in the back, acute arthritis, painful arthritic  affections, arthritics headache, arthritic toothache, chronic arthritis with symmetrical eruptions, arthritis deformans, arthritic and gouty nodes. Bruised and sprained sensations are important for Arnica.  A guiding symptom to Arnica is that the bed feels hard or uncomfortable.

Calendula officinalis is listed for stiff arthritis of the fingers.

Hypericum perforatum is listed for arthritic inflammation of the joints by J.T. Kent, and for muscular arthritis deformans by Boericke.

Ledum Palustre is listed in high degree for rheumatoid arthritis and gout. When Ledum is needed pains start in the lower extremities and extend or shoot upward. The patient complains about cold sensations, but feels better from cold applications and baths. The heat of the bed is uncomfortable. Cowper says that the smaller joints are affected the most, and that there is “bruised soreness in the muscles, with stitching, tearing pains, rapidly shifting.” It has arthritic swellings and nodosities. Gout, nightly rheumatism of the knees, edema of the feet, arthritis of the feet and knees. Arthritis of the upper limbs: hands, wrists, fingers. The guiding symptoms to this remedy is the amelioration from cold applications, aggravation from  heat, pains ascending from the lower limbs upward.

Rhus toxicodendron is not a cream we carry on our site, but it is such a wonderful first aid remedy and constitutional remedy, that I would feel remiss not to mention it here. This is a great remedy for inflammation of the joints and chronic arthritis. Lameness and stiffness, and an aggravation from wet weather are big features of this remedy. The chief guiding symptom to Rhus tox is aggravation on initial motion, and amelioration on warming up (by stretching, warm showers, etc). They often feel worse first thing in the morning, but better as the day goes on. Farrington says of this remedy, “In acute arthritis the joints become smooth, shining and edematous with little or no redness. The stitching, tearing pains force the patient to move although motion may be excruciatingly painful. After moving a while, the pains and stiffness abate and he stops and tries to rest. However, his respite is but short lived for the pains return with renewed severity and he must move again. This is repeated until he is exhausted. At times he feels as though the flesh were being torn from the bones, or the bones scraped. Often there is numbness and tingling in the affected members and a sensation of on-coming paralysis.”

Farrington goes on to say, “In chronic arthritis there is less swelling but much stiffness and lameness, often with contractures in the structures about the joints. The patient is a veritable barometer. Every change in the weather increases his suffering, especially if a change to wet weather. He hugs the stove by day and piles on the covers at night. After long sitting his joints grow sore and stiff so that motion is very difficult, but soon they limber up after he walks a while.”

Ruta graveolens is another first aid cream and remedy that is listed for rheumatoid arthritis and gout. A lame feeling in the joints is characteristic. Arthritic nodosities of the wrists and finger joints, gout and arthritis deformans are present under this remedy. Remember Ruta graveolens for overuse injuries. Arthritis is worse from wet and cold, better from motion. Think of this remedy for arthritis of the wrists. This is the big remedy for injuries to ligaments, tendons and the periosteum.

Urtica urens is another remedy listed for arthritic nodosities and and arthritis deformans. A few texts recommend that it be used in the tincture form (from which are creams are made). Murphy says, “Gout and rheumatism associated with urticaria-like eruptions. Among the rheumatic pains a pain in the right deltoid muscle is very striking. Urtica urens is a remedy for gout and the “uric acid diathesis.”

More on Gout: Some other remedies that repertorize very highly for gout are Benzoic acid and Colchicum.

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***note***   This information is incomplete and not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition.  Please refer to a homeopathic materia medica or homeopathic repertory for a more complete list of remedies for any given symptom.  Please see your homeopath or doctor for assistance if your symptoms persist.