People Who Would Benefit from Homeopathic First Aid Creams

Families Would Benefit

These homeopathic creams have so many therapeutic uses, and my belief is that everyone can benefit from the creams, but to get more specific, here are some people who would benefit from homeopathic first aid creams.

Families with small children: I can’t imagine not having these creams to help me with the everyday little mishaps that children experience. Here are some examples of when they can be useful:

Your child hits his head on the swing. Apply Arnica cream.

Your teenage girl went out dancing, and someone knocked her to the ground, and she comes home with a four inch bruise on her thigh. Apply Arnica cream.

Your two-year-old boy shuts the bathroom door on his hand. Apply Hypericum cream.

Your one-year-old daughter has fallen for the tenth time on that same knee as she is learning to walk. Apply Calendula cream.

You have just given birth to your precious baby, but you are really sore underneath. Apply Calendula cream.

Your eighteen month old has diaper rash. Apply Calendula cream.

You just burnt yourself as your arm accidentally rubbed against the tea kettle. Apply Urtica Urens cream.

You have given your baby a vaccine and the spot where she was injected is swollen, red and hot and she wants ice on it. Apply Ledum palustre cream.

You got a mosquito bite that is very painful. Apply Ledum palustre cream.

Your cat scratched your seven-year-old, and she is in pain. If the pain is shooting up and down the limb, apply Hypericum cream. If the area is red and she just wants to ice it, apply Ledum cream. These kinds of injuries can be dangerous, so you may want to consult your doctor or homeopath and take these same remedies in higher potency.

You have taken a European vacation and you’ve just walked from one end of Rome to the other, and your feet and legs are sore. Apply Arnica cream, which is good for overexertion of muscles.

Your husband has been typing all day at the computer and his wrists are aching. Apply Ruta cream, which is good for muscle strain from overuse or repetitive strain injury.

Your eyes are tired from reading too much, or sitting too long at the computer. Apply a little Ruta cream around the eyes. This is good for eye strain.

Your twenty-year-old son has gone to the beach and has come home with a sunburn. Apply Calendula cream and Urtica Urens cream.

Your fifteen-year-old son has broken his arm falling off of a skateboard. This actually happened to my son. We had taken him to the emergency room, but they gave him nothing for the pain. He was suffering terribly and I gave him a dose of Ruta 30C, which took away the pain immediately. The first aid creams I would use in this situation are Ruta cream, which is good for injuries to ligaments, tendons, and the periosteum or linings of the bone. I would also apply Symphytum cream. This remedy truly hastens the healing of broken bones.

Your seventeen-year-old son has gotten into a fight at school and has come home with a black eye. Apply Symphytum cream, which is very good for injuries to the eyes. Arnica cream can also help in this situation.

So you can see there are so many ways that these creams can add to the health and welfare of your family, and save you money on emergency room and doctor’s visits.

Massage Therapists, Chiropractors and Other Body Workers can Benefit from the Creams

I have a friend who is a massage therapist, named Mary Beth. She buys these creams from me periodically to use on her clients. She says that her clients find them very helpful. It is not difficult to imagine the types of pains and aches that can be greatly relieved with these creams.

There are several remedies and creams that can help with back pain due to trauma to the back or spine, such as Hypericum, which is known for spinal chord injuries, and Arnica, which is good for muscular soreness and trauma. Ruta is another wonderful remedy for back pain and pain after chiropractic adjustments. Rhus toxicodendron is a remedy not to be forgotten for trauma to the back, particularly where the muscles tighten or seize up to protect the injured area. If you are dealing with chronic back pain, please consult your homeopath to find a constitutional remedy to help you with this condition, and don’t forget to visit your chiropractor and physical therapist.

Calendula cream can also be used to soothe dry and itchy skin. These creams are not greasy, they absorb quickly, and would be an obvious boon in the practices of body workers.

Physicians and Practitioners of Functional Medicine can Benefit from Using these Creams in their Practices

Physicians who use these creams in their practices would find all the same benefits and uses for them as homeopaths, families and body. These creams would add to their therapeutic tool chest and endear the physicians to their patients.

As you can see I firmly believe in the efficacy of homeopathic first aid creams and in their broad application. I believe that once you start using them and experience how promptly and effectively they work, you will appreciate the power and beauty of homeopathy and would turn to it more often for your health and the health of your loved ones.

If you are suffering from chronic health problems, or chronic pain, you should consult a professional homeopath to have your case taken and a constitutional remedy prescribed for you.