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Hypericum should be thought of for injuries to areas rich in nerves, such as the fingers and toes and the spine. It is a specific for injuries to the sacrum or coccyx. A characteristic of injuries needing Hypericum is that the pain radiates up and down from the site of the injury. Like Arnica, Hypericum is an important remedy for head injuries. Hypericum is good for wounds that are very painful. I sell a cream that combines Hypericum and Calendula for wound healing. Hypericum is good for insect and animal bites where you have shooting pains along the course of the nerve from the site of the bite. Hypericum can help with excessively painful hemorrhoids. It can also help with painful boils, abscesses and cysts.



Hypericum Perforatum Cream Label
Hypericum Perforatum Cream Label

To see a slide show and to learn about the uses of this cream, please go to the Learn about Hypericum Perforatum Cream page.

Ingredients in the cream: 12.5% Hypericum perforatum tincture HPUS in an emulsified base of Distilled Water, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol and Borax.

Label indications: For injuries to areas rich in nerves, fingers, toes, spine; crushing injuries, puncture wounds, animal bites.

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8 reviews for Buy Hypericum Perforatum Cream

  1. Farhana

    The Ruta Graveleons cream has helped my family to relieve pain and discomfort in many, many ways- from soothing chronic pain like carpal tunnel to dissipating growing pain and pain from bumps and bruises for the little ones. A little bit of this cream goes a long, long way.

  2. A. Lewis

    This is to update my late Nov. review of Hypericum perforatum. I continued to use it twice daily on my numb toes and eventually, they felt normal enough so I could tell the soles of my feet were numb as well. So now, I am applying it to the soles of my feet which are improving.It is so amazing to be able to feel my feet and feel with my feet.

  3. A. Lewos

    When I re-ordered Ruta graveolens from Amazon, I received a sample of Hypericum perforatum. This was a tremendous gift because after the first application on my numb toes, I could tell a difference. Now, for the first time in years, I can feel my socks, feel that I’m walking and my toes feel warm. I was never able to get a diagnosis of why I had numb toes. I use this in some of the same places I use Ruta. You do not need to use much. Although it is a small jar it lasts quite a long time. I lightly touch the cream and apply. I’ve ordered the Travel Pack with 6 cream samples so I can see if other creams are something that would be useful without having to buy the larger individual jars. You can order it on the website.

  4. Rose Bronec

    I have found your creams helpful for a number of issues. Most recently, in reading about Hypericum being helpful for a painful coccyx, I’ve been apply Hypericum cream twice a day and finding my sacral/coccyx area much more comfortable. I’ve had trouble with it for many years, due to both childhood and young adult injuries, and then after giving birth to my daughter 27 years ago, it took several months for my tailbone to stop hurting. Wish I had known about the Hypericum at that time. Even at this time in my life (turning 64), it does seem to be helping.

  5. Susan

    Hi Deborah,
    Just wanted to thank you for the Hypericum Perforatum cream I bought from you for the severe nerve pain on the bottom of my foot. This very inflamed area is right underneath a hammertoe joint and is constantly irritated when I walk on it. The cream has definitely proven helpful in reducing the amount of pain as well as inflammation. The area even looks less swollen now.

    I am also very pleased at the quality of the cream. I have many allergies and have found creams hard to tolerate in the past. Your cream was very high quality, absorbed easily and was non greasy. I love using it. The cream felt very soothing and was a comfort to the traumatized area.

    Thank you so much!
    Susan I.

  6. Susan Kona

    Dear Deborah,

    Your Hypericum Perforatum cream is the finest quality homeopathic cream I have ever experienced. I found it to be very clean and pure, non greasy and very soothing. Besides the awesome feel to the cream itself, I could also feel the love and expertise that went into making it. Thank you for your healing prowess:)
    Susan Kona

  7. Deborah Olenev

    The first aid cream you recommended had helped my mom speeding up the healing of her injured palm. Thank you so much for your advice.

  8. Susan Smith

    Dear Deborah,

    Your wonderful Hypericum Perforatum Cream is the ONLY topical I have ever used that takes care of the neuropathy pain in my hands and feet that has plagued me for 29 years!! All I have to do is rub a small amount of cream into my hands and feet and within 10 minutes the pain is gone. GONE!
    Now that I have your phone number I will NEVER run out of Hypericum Cream again!
    Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

    Susan Smith

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