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Arnica Montana cream helps with shock and trauma. It is a great remedy for head injuries and bruises, Arnica is great for ankle sprains, and sprains of other joints, Arnica is good for back and hip joint injuries. Arnica cream can be used for sore muscles from overexertion. Arnica should never be used topically on open wounds.



Arnica Montana Cream Label
Arnica Montana Cream Label

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Arnica Montana Cream Ingredients: 12.5% Arnica Montana tincture HPUS in an emulsified base of Distilled Water, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Vegetable Emulsifying Wax, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Borax.

Label Indications: For muscular soreness due to overexertion, bruising from injury, sprains, and head injuries. Do not apply on open wounds.

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4 reviews for Buy Arnica Montana Cream

  1. Aggie

    Outstanding creams..

    Be sure to follow the instructions on the arnica cream not to apply to open wounds. A friend did this and it caused an infection. Erysipelas, it is called…but for all kinds of bruising and soreness and accidents or stresses without an open wound, arnica cream works like a charm. Deborah said that if arnica is inadvertently applied to an open wound and an infection ensues, to apply calendula cream and take calendula 30 internally, and this will effectively knock out the infection. But better just to be cautious with arnica cream around open wounds.. Many thanks! A.

  2. Susan I.

    Dear Deborah,

    Your Arnia cream is amazing. I have used it for my back pain, knee pain and neck pain. It works very well for me and usually only takes one or occasionally two applications to get relief. Your cream works so much better than all the other Arnica creams I have ever tried, and does not bother my sensitive skin. I love using it. Thank you so much!

    Susan I.

  3. Diane Gore-Uecker

    Healing of old stubbed toe

    I stubbed my toe badly a couple of months ago and it never healed, meaning it stayed red, puffy,, painful and bent. I searched the internet for help, following a variety of advise, but it just stayed red, puffy, very bent and not touching the ground. I had done this a few years ago and it got better in a few days, so I was surprised this one was not well. Two days ago I put some of the Arnica cream (it was a tiny sample received with my very first order of Ruta Graveolens First Aid Creams)
    on my very hurt toe . To my surprise I woke up this morning and the red swelling was gone and I could see the bones AND it was almost flat again. Deborah Olenev, the maker of the First Aid Creams suggested I use Hypericum Perforatum, as that is specific for fingers and toes (among other things).The next day I could feel the floor with my toe and when I wiggled it, it did not hurt. Totally amazing. I put some more on today and it is still improving every day.

    Thank you so much for these creams. I am so glad I ordered the variety pack. It has really come in handy since I got.

  4. Bob Erwin

    The Arnica Montana cream was very helpful for a severe ankle sprain I had recently. It reduced my recovery time considerably.

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