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Travel Pack Repertory

Travel Pack Repertory

Selecting the Cream You Need

Here are some common conditions and the first aid creams in the pack that can help you with them. I list the most common cream for the complaint first. Please refer to the Creams for Common Complaints Section at for more information. I abbreviate the cream names as follows.

Arnica montana = Arn
Calendula officinalis = Cal
Hypericum perforatum = Hyp
Ledum palustre = Led
Ruta graveolens= Ruta
Urtica urens = Urt-u

First aid creams that I mention below that are not in the pack are:

Bellis-perennis = Bell-p
Rhus toxicodendron = Rhus-t
Symphytum = Symph
Staphysagria – Staph

I also mention the homeopathic remedies that repertorize highest for the condition, or are well known first aid remedies that I do not carry. This information is incomplete and not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Please refer to a homeopathic materia medica or homeopathic repertory for a more complete list of remedies for any given symptom. Please see your homeopath or doctor for assistance if your symptoms persist. The remedies in bold are very important for the condition.

Acute abscess = Arn, Cal, Hyp for abscess to coccyx, Ruta abscess to bones or periosteum. Also think of Silica, Hepar, Calc sulph.
Abdominal surgery pain = Hyp, Arn, Cal. Also think of Bell-p.
Animal bites = Hyp, Led, Arn. Also think of Apis, Arsenicum album, Belladonna, Lyssinum.
Ankle sprain or injury = Led, Ruta, Arn. Also think of Strontium carb, Nat-carb, Rhus-t.
Arthritis pain = Led, Arn, Ruta, Urt-u. Also think of Rhus-t.
Ascending pains = Led, Hyp,
Back /spine injury = Hyp, Arn, Led, Ruta. Also think of Bell-p, Rhus-tox, Symph.
Birth trauma = Arn, Also think of Bell-p.
Boils = Arn, Hyper, Led, Rhus-t, Ruta. Also think of Bell-p. The best known remedies for this condition are Hepar, Silica, Chelidonium, Lyc, Sulph, Calc.
Braces fitting = Ruta
Bruises = Arn, Led for bruises to the eye, Ruta for bruising to bones and periosteum.
Burns = Urt-u, Arn, Cal, Hyper. Urtica urens is the best remedy for acute burns. For more serious burns think of Arsenicum album, Cantharis, esp. for serious scald burns, and Causticum for the chronic effects of burns.
Bone diseases or injuryRuta, Arn, Cal. Other well known remedies are Calcarea phosphica, Fluoric acid, Hecla lava. Phosphorous, Rhus-t, Silica, Symph.
Carpal tunnel or wrist injury = Ruta. Also think of Bell-p, Rhus-t.
Chilly patient ameliorated by cold applications = Led.
Chiropractic adjustment, pain after = Ruta.
Coccyx injury = Hyper, Symph.
Corns = Arn, Hyper, Ruta. Also think of Rhus-t, Symph.
Diaper rash = Cal can sting some children in diaper rashes, so use it with care. Also think of Allantoin. Severe rashes should have constitutional treatment. Think of Medorrhinum for very severe rashes.
Eye injury = Arn, Cal, Hyp, Led, Ruta. Also think of Bell-p, Rhus-t, Symph. Also think of Aconite.
Eye strainRuta, Arn. Also think of Rhus-t and Bell-p.
Fear of sudden death = Arn. Also think of Aconite.
Foot bone pain = Led, Ruta
Foot injury = Arn, Cal, Hyp, Led, Ruta. Also think of Rhus-t.
Fractures = Ruta, Arn, Cal, Hyp, Led. Also think of Belis-p, Symph.
Ganglion = Ruta, Arn, Also think of Rhus-t, Silica. and Benzoic acid.
Gout = Led, Arn, Urt-u. Also think of Colchicum, Benzoic acid, Lyc and others.
Gunshot wounds = Hyper, Arn, Calen, Led, Ruta, Symph, Urt-u. Also think of Gunpowder.
Hemorrhage from accidents = Arn, Calen, Hyper, Led, Also think of Hamammelis, China, Ipecac.
Head injury = Arn, Hyper, Calen, Led, Ruta, Symph, Bell-p. Also think of Natrum sulphuricum, Aconite, Cicuta, Opium.
Hemorrhoid pain = Hyper, Rhus-t, Ruta. Also think of Aesculus hip, Nux vomica, Pulsatilla, Hamammellis, Collinsonia, Aloe.
Hip injury = Arn, led, rhus-t
Initial motion aggravates = Led, Ruta. Rhus-tox is best known.
Injuries to areas rich in nerves (spine, fingers, toes) = Hyper, Arn, Bell-p, Calen, Led,
Insect bites = Led, Arn, Hyper, Also think of Apis.
Jaw fracture or pain = Hyper. Also think of Staph, Hecla lava, Symph.
Knee injury = Arn, Cal, Led, Ruta. Also think of Iodine, Apis, Bell-p, Bry, Rhus-t Symph..
Lacerated wounds = Cal, Hyp, Led. Also think of Plantago, Carbolic acid, Hamamellis. Staph is for clear cut wounds, as from a surgeon’s knife. Arnica should not be used on open wounds.
Ligament and tendon injuries = Ruta, Arn, Calen. Also think of Symph, Anacardium, Rhus -t.
Bed feels too hard after injury = Arn, Rhus-t.
Muscle soreness = Arn, Hyper, Led, Ruta. Also think of Badiaga, Cimicifuga, Rhus-t, Bryonia, Gelsemium, Hamamellis, Bellis-p.
Numbness following injury = Hyper, Led, Arn. Also think of Veratrum album, Ornithogalum.
Overexertion, overstrain injuries = Arn, Ruta. Also think of Rhus-t.
Poison oak or ivy = Led, Urt-u. Also think of Rhus-t, and Graphites if oozing resembles honey.
Puncture wounds = Led, Hyper, Cal.
Radiating/shooting pains from injury = Hyper, Led. Also think of Plantago and Allium cepa.
Scar prevention = Cal, Hyper. Also think of Silica, Graphites, Thiosinaminum.
Sciatica after injury = Hyper, Ruta, Arn. Also think of Rhus-t.
Shock after injury = Arn, Hyper. Also think of Aconite, Camphor, Opium, Gelsemium, Lachesis, Veratrum album.
Shoulder injury = Arn. Also think of Rhus-t and Ferrum metallicum.
Snake bites = Led, Hyper, Arn, Urt-u. Also think of Cenchrix contortrix, Lachesis muta, Crotalus horridus, Echinacea, Plantago.
Soft tissue injury = Arn, Calen. Also think of Bellis-p, Hamamellis where veins are involved..
Splinters =. Hyp, Led, Arn. Also think of Hep, Sil, Nit-ac. Soak in Epson Salts.
Stiff joints = Led, Arn. Also think of Rhus-t, Causticum, Cocculus, Lycopodium, Sepia. Stiff wrists Ruta.
Sunburn = Cal, Hyper, Urt-u. Also think of Canth. Never well since severe sunburn = Sol.
Surgery, after, to prevent infection = Cal
Surgery, shock = Arn, Hyper. Also think of Aconite, Staph, Stront-c, Opium, Veratrum album.
Surgery, abdominal = Hyper. Also think of Staph.
Surgery, pain in the incision = Staph.
Tennis elbow = Ruta, Hyper. Also think of Bell-p, Rhus-t, and Symph.
Tooth extraction = Arn, Calen, Ruta. Also think of Hecla Lava. Excessive bleeding after Phosphorous, Trillium erectum.
Tooth pain from dental work = Hyper, Arn. Also think of Staph, Aconite, Symphytum.
Twisting injuries of tendons = Ruta.
Vaccination bad effects locally = Led.
Varicose veins = Arn, Calen. Also think of Hamammelis, Many constitutional remedies.
Wounds where bones are injured = Ruta, Calen, Arn. Also think of Symph.
Wound, cuts, scrapes = Cal is the greatest remedy for wounds in homeopathy. Hyper, Led, Arnica should never be applied to open wounds. Clean cut wounds think of Staph.
Wounds, painful = Cal, Hyper, Arn, Led. Also think of Staph.
Wounds, septic = Cal, Hyper, Led. Also think of Arsenicum album, Bell-p, Lachesis, Hepar sulph. Pyrogenium,
Wounds, slow to heal = Arn, Calen, Hyper, Ruta. Also think of Silica, Sulphur, Hepar sulph, Nitric acid, Lachesis.
Wounds, suppurating = Cal, Arn use internally, Led. Also think of Silica, Calc, Calc-s, Hepar sulph.
Wounds, old, opening and suppurating = Borax. Crocus sativus, Natrum muriaticum.