Urtica Urens Cream 1 Pack


Urtica urens cream is the principle remedy in homeopathy for first degree burns. For more serious burns Urtica urens should be used alongside remedies such as Cantharis, Arsenicum album and Causticum. Urtica Urens Cream and Calendula Officinalis Cream can both help with sunburn. It can also help with old burns that have not healed well. Urtica urens can help reduce the swelling of bee and wasp bites (compare with Apis mellifica and Ledum palustre). Urtica urens also has a reputation for helping women with lactation. Please view the slide show to see other conditions Urtica urens can help with.


Urtica Urens Cream 

Urtica urens cream: This is the brilliant homeopathic remedy for first degree burns. You will be impressed by how fast the remedy works to relieve the pain of burns. For second and third degree burns, and scald burns, you may need remedies like Cantharis, Arsenicum album or
Causticum, but for the everyday kitchen burn nothing works as well as this.

Utrica urens has a lot to do with lactation. It has a reputation for helping women build up their milk supply when it is scanty, and it also helps nursing mothers who have no milk at all, a condition called agalactorrhea. Urtica urens can also help dry up the milk supply in women who are weaning. The remedy helps with inappropriate lactation, such as the presence of milk in women who have never had children, or are not currently nursing children. Swelling of the breasts is another symptom of this remedy.

Urtica urens has a big reputation for helping with the uric acid diathesis, or lithiasis, which is the presence of stones and calculi in the internal organs. This means it can help with the pain and inflammation of gout, and with the evacuation of kidney stones, calculi in the urine, and gall stones. In this case, I would recommend consulting your homeopath to determine the best way to take this remedy, and to make sure the remedy fits the totality of your symptoms.

Urtica urens, like Apis mellifica, is one of our remedies for allergic hives. Urtica urens can help with itching or pruritis in various parts of the body.

Urtica urens helps reduce the pain and swelling of bee and wasp bites.

Urtica urens can help with the burning pain, redness and itching from sunburns.

Urtica urens cream can help with radiation burns.

Urtica Urens Cream

Urtica urens cream is the principle remedy in homeopathy for first degree burns. See a slideshow and learn about the properties of Urtica Urens cream.



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